About Us

Shoe Fun is passionate about shoes. 

We are a small family business that is based in Western Australia. We launched Shoe Fun in November 2014, with the ideal of supplying a unique & fun product.

We love Shoes, and as such we are committed to providing beautiful, unique and comfortable shoes of the highest quality and comfort from all around the world. We pride ourselves on having shoes on our site that you may not have yet discovered elsewhere.

Most of all we want our Shoes to be Fun. No matter where your day takes you, from the boardroom to the local shopping centre, to the local footy club for kids sports or a night out with the girls. We understand that a fun pair of shoes can make all the difference to your whole outlook on the day ahead.

Ooh and Aah over our beautiful shoes, enjoy hassle free online shopping from home delivered right to your door, and most of all have Fun ...

If you have any questions about our gorgeous shoes please contact us at fun@shoefun.com.au

If you would like to contact us in writing you may do so at:

PO Box 208, PALMYRA Western Australia 6957

We currently have a store at 73 Market Street, Fremantle WA 6160 

We are also on Facebook so "like us" to receive the latest news on arrivals and specials at www.facebook.com/shoefunwa


Thank you for visiting, Shoe Fun xx


Lilac Fairy Pty Ltd T/As Shoe Fun

ABN: 98 636 609 688 

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