Collection: Clamp

Clamp shoes are a statement of singularity, fashion and irreverence to to allow you to express your individually. The colour combinations that you see with each collection are exclusive to Shoe Fun as we play with the materials to create truly unique combinations!

Clamp is focused on developing original, creative and different footwear, bearing in mind the comfort of those who wear them.  Clamp is passionate to always present different interpretations of what art is at our feet without boundaries for creativity.

Created & handmade footwear makes a difference. Clamp simultaneously combines huge comfort with good taste. Clamp shoes focus on the well-being your feet, embracing fashion and irreverence at the same time.

Every piece is assembled by the hands of talented professionals in Portugal. From design to the final product, every aspect of the process is controlled to assure that the shoes are of the highest quality.