What Is My Shoe Size

Size Conversion Chart

Women's Approximate Sizes (Guide only): 

  European     Australian / US    cms (approx)  
35 5 21
36 5.5 22.5
37 6 - 6.5  23
38 7 - 7.5  23.8 
39 8 - 8.5  24.6 
40   9 25.4 
41 10  
42 11   


Other Things to help you decide

Product Description: If a shoe is a little smaller or larger than usual, we will let you know in the product description.

What is the Brand: Have you worn this brand before, as sizes are generally standard within the brands.

What is the Shoe made of: Leather will stretch a little more than fabric or synthetics.

Sizing for Dresses: Please scroll through the photo's for the individual dresses and it will be on the last picture!

Don't worry if you get it wrong ... see our returns / exchanges policy.

If you are still not sure, please contact us at fun@shoefun.com.au