Madame Crystal

Madame Crystal Sole Protectors Original Size

Size Guide

Protect your beautiful new Shoe Treasures with Madame Crystal Sole Protectors. These transparent sole protectors will protect your shoe sole, and are anti slip so you go can dance the night away.They are easily applied- peel and stick, done! (Can be cut to size if required). They are temporary so are easily removed and will not damage the original image or the sole when removed

    • Brand: Madame Crystal
    • Original size 7.5cm x 12cm

Application Instructions:

Use on Brand New Shoes Only - Please ensure your shoe sole is clean and dry before application

    • Cut your sole protector to size if required
    • Peel off the self adhesive backing
    • Place the adhesive pad on to the sole of your shoe and press firmly
    • Leave for at lease a couple of hours or so before use