Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice Grinch Im Here For The Presents

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"These stockings" he grinned "are the first thing to go!" Give your feet a Who makeover with these festive boots! One side features a fireplace with The Grinch's head poking out the chimney, adorned with 3D swinging Who-stockings all in a row. The other side shows the outside of the Who-house with a ladder and little Grinchy feet disappearing down the chimney! Both boots are topped with a white fluffy faux fur cuff, which is dotted with sparkling pom poms! The fabrics of the shoe are encrusted with glitter to really give those festive feels and add all that Christmassy luxury, make sure to nab them before the Mean One himself does!

  • Irregular Choice x Dr Seuss 
  • The Grinch Collection
  • Boots
  • Heel Height: 8.6cm
  • Left/right foot different 
  • Faux fur cuff
  • Pom pom details 
  • Cushioned insole
  • Materials: Fabric/PU